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A compliment & celebration of the usage for the international English language; It is completely unique and rare, being the only one of  its kind. Entitled:-

The Kingdom Of English Wisdom. Volume One. "Look! Purchase the multimedia reader book and claim your three free wonderful gifts".

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 A Good Deed In A Time Of Need. TM

 For the disadvantaged, the very poor, the mentally disorientated with depressed hearts; Whom through no fault of their own have unnaturally inherited these afflictions, and are seeking relief aid, in order to have a better life and a grand future and be able to be in the know! & 'know-how'.

"What you see presented is very important. We are offering to you a life saving message designed to heal and save, an individual in harms way; Whether the way of harm has been caused by a direct visible or subtle invisible obstacle."

No one wants to face an unfortunate calamity and disaster in their life time.

No one wants to be stricken with an unexpected sickness/illness resulting in permanent damage to their life. Sadly to say what we see and hear around us confirms that the above happens to good people.

 Just For You!

This is what the multimedia reader book will do for you: It will give you courage to become physically strong and mentally sharp it is a personal useful aid and guide close at your side. 

"It will help you to make intelligent decisions at the right time and in the right place."

The messages can also be humorous & witty. As you progress in reading you will sense that it is easy to understand, even when reading between the lines. Having embraced it, it can lead to your demonstrating charisma, fun, and mature leadership qualities.  Accordingly you will become a desired example to your family and those within in your local community.

"We are offering to you proverbial sayings, which are invaluable words of wisdom. Focusing on the meaning of the word proverb, it means a few rich words that have powerful real true meaning."

Everyday or even just a moment in time, people in general are trying to search for appropriate words to describe their situation for the better or worse.

These life saving messages are designed to save an individual, a newly wed couple, a child, a teenager, a new family or old, an elderly person, a widower or widow, an orphan, a race of people of different nationality, and to encourage a personal hobby, and help a small or large business be successful.

 Discover & Learn

"Look! Deeper and you will find the answer."TM

Presented to you especially, is a trusted exciting multimedia  reader CD-Rom book of original introspection & creative simple proverbial poetry.

Each of the 110 pages contains short jingles & colourful illustrations. "Meticulously hand drawn and scrolled with the use of a computer ball track mouse."  They are filled with inspirational, beneficial, practical, realistic, and logical meaning.

Enjoy! Original digital art work.


ISBN 0-9538980-9-1


Suitable for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista & Windows 7, 8, 10, & Beyond.

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